Jill C


"I found myself wanting to try new things, to see if I could conquer the very things that used to haunt me.  One by one, they all began to fall.  And it was sweet freedom."    -Jill Chrusciel

"Being a part of Muddy has exposed strengths and turned weaknesses into goals."    -Chuck Groshong



"I started CrossFit about three years ago and it was an eye opener. Health and fitness is hard work. Through CrossFit I have made significant gains..."    -Benjie Heu

7-15 at Muddy


"I’ve done a variety of things to stay in shape--jogging, step aerobics, taebo, kick boxing, Zumba......However, I ended up getting bored & found it hard to keep doing the same thing every day."    -Michelle Jones



"CrossFit is about a group of people putting in hard work together with the same goal."  -Lindsey Baumhoer 

Debbie S.


"My favorite skill that I recently improved on is the rope climb. What I mean by improve is, I could not get my feet off the ground 3 years ago."  -Debbie Surface