Personalized Programming

Personal programming by head coach and co-owner, Charles Williams.

  • Cost:
    • $40/month (currently only available to Muddy Water CrossFit members)
  • Includes:
    • An initial consultation to learn more about your lifestyle and goals.
    • A detailed weekly workout program specialized for the individual. Each program is personalized and based on your performance within the assessment and analysis. Test and re-tests are completed to show progressions and also identify/evaluate where additional work/support should be provided.
    • One-on-One meeting every 3 Cycles
      • Cycle includes 3 weeks on and 1 week off
    • Constant Communication and feedback throughout the week
  • Who will benefit from individualized programming?
    • Whether you strive to be a competitive Crossfit Individual Athlete, wish to compete on your gym’s Crossfit Games Team, train for an adventure race, lose weight or just become more physically fit and feel great about yourself, individualized programming will capture your individual goals and provide the tools necessary to achieve them.
    • If you have been consistently doing 4-5 WOD’s a week for at least 6-months and you are ready to add extra workouts to accomplish your goals contact me for more info.
  • Free 2 weeks of programming
    • If you are unsure if individualized training is what you need, we can meet for our initial consultation and I will program 2 weeks of workouts based on your goals and then you can decide if individualized programming is for you or not.