Member of the Month!

Muddy Member of January: Rachel Renee

Meet Rachel!

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started doing CrossFit in June of 2018.

What brought you to Muddy Water?

I give 100% credit to my bestie, otherwise known as my “Sandbag Sister,” otherwise known as my “swolemate,” otherwise known as my “sweat-sister,” otherwise known as Carrie, for introducing me to the insanity that is Muddy Water CrossFit. We were running buddies and agreed we wanted something more. She had been a member of Muddy years ago and wanted a partner in crime to join again. Since joining, I haven’t looked back!

What is your favorite movement to do in a wod and why?

There are so many movements I enjoy, either because they were once challenging and now they’ve become easier, or because they’re just fun! I really enjoy Box Jumps, double unders, toes-to-bar, Wall Balls, and as of recently, handstands!

What is your least favorite movement to do in a wod and why?

Least favorite movement is hands-down, positively, without a doubt BURPEES. Yes, I realize burpees are a great total-body cardiovascular and strength movement, but simply put, they suck. There are few things I hate more than struggling to breathe while throwing myself onto the ground, over and over again.

What is your favorite memory from Muddy Water?

My favorite memory from Muddy is either getting my first toes-to-bar after practicing for what seemed like forever, and the whole gym screamed in support and excitement (you know who you are *muah*), or most of the Saturday partner WOD’s with the Sandbag Sister! They’re never easy workouts, but working with the bestie, as opposed to against her, makes them far more enjoyable!

Would you rather be lifting or doing cardio?

Naturally, you prefer to to do something you’re better at, so I much prefer doing cardio. I was a runner before doing CrossFit, so I really love getting my heart racing with rapid movements. With that said, I’ve learned to love the feeling of PRing my lifts, seeing what my body is capable of doing, feeling my muscles exploding, and witnessing all the gainz.

What is your favorite cheat food (meal)?

I can totally chow down on some chips and queso, frozen strawberry margarita in hand, thinking about how many burpees I’ll have to do to burn it off.

Knowing what you know now about fitness, would you change anything in your life ten years ago?

Ten years ago, I was 120 pounds heavier and fitness wasn’t even in my vocabulary. It got to a point where my weight was out of control and I was on a downward spiral; I knew I needed to change.  Knowing what I know now about fitness- that it’s not only necessary, but also empowering, exhilarating, challenging, and so much fun- I would have loved starting my fitness journey far sooner than I did! We all have to start somewhere, and no matter what your beginning looks like, the fitness journey is an incredibly rewarding one.

What are a few of the biggest fitness goals that you hope to reach within the next year?

I have so many goals for this year! Some of which include getting 5 consecutive toes-to-bar (I’m up to three!), 20 consecutive double unders (I’m up to 16!), complete a handstand push up (I recently achieved my first handstand!), and deadlift 225 pounds. I know as soon as I accomplish these goals, I will have new ones based on the coaches’ recommendations or things I want to work towards. That’s the great thing about CrossFit- we are all at different levels with different skill sets, yet we’re all working together and encouraging one another to improve no matter where we are!

What is your favorite new piece of equipment in the gym?

Never having done crossfit before, so much of the equipment is new to me!

Would you rather row 2,500m or assault bike 150 calories?

Would anyone really CHOOSE to do the assault bike? I mean, “assault” is in the name. In all seriousness, though, I would probably select the bike for more of a challenging workout.

How do you approach a wod that you don’t like/intimidates you?

To a certain extent, 90% of the WOD’s intimidate me. They’re not easy, by any means, and you really have to convince yourself that you are capable of doing it. It’s all mind over matter. I know, though, that I have the option of modifying the workouts to meet my needs, and I know that I have amazing coaches and friends (SHOUT OUT TO MY PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED SWOLEMATE) that will push, encourage, and sometimes yell at me *out of love* to do my best and complete a workout. 90% of the WOD’s may intimidate me, but I am proud of myself for completing them 100% of the time!

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit?

DRINK THE KOOL AID, AND KEEP ON DRINKING!!! People say CrossFit has a cult following, but those who've never experienced it don't always understand the hype. I know; that used to be me. What I thought would be just another gym where I could learn some new techniques and build some muscle, has become my home away from home. At CrossFit, I've found that many things I previously thought were impossible are now part of my regular workouts. The sense of community and family is indescribable and I wouldn’t want to sweat, struggle, yell, and occasionally cuss with anyone else.