Meet Michelle Jones

7-15 at MuddyWhat is your background with fitness? – I’ve always tried to be active.  I have a deep passion for paddling whitewater.  Unfortunately, I cannot do this every day or even every week.  Therefore, I’ve done a variety of things to stay in shape–jogging, step aerobics, taebo, kick boxing, Zumba……However, I ended up getting bored & found it hard to keep doing the same thing every day.  CrossFit has kept me motivated due to the variety of movements (some I never thought I’d be able to accomplish + more to learn) plus, I to look forward to working out (most days ) ;).

How did you end up at Muddy? – My friend/Godson Ben Bostic was very excited about CrossFit & his sister/my friend Amanda had joined Muddy.  The two of them kept encouraging me to try it.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

What you appreciate about our gym? – The commitment from the trainers to answer all the silly questions & critique your movements, along with the encouragement they give to all the members.  Also, the support from all the other members.

What you have learned from CrossFit/or encouragement to try it out? – You are never too old to try new things.  Even an older woman can keep up with younger women in some instances.  Don’t be afraid to try.