Meet Jean Graham

jeanWhat is your background with fitness?  My background with fitness has been pretty much “nothing”.  I have always been very active, but I felt like “I didn’t have time” for a structured workout routine.
How did you end up at Muddy?  Hmmmm, well I work next door and I was told that they were crazy people so I figured it was right up my alley;). It is a good crazy though because it has showed me a healthy lifestyle even at my age. Muddy got the title ‘crazy’ because we saw them running and doing different things outside our office windows and would always talk about them on the radio; ” there goes those people running again,” now my work talks about me;).
What you appreciate about our gym? The commraderie is fantastic!  I appreciate the individual help that I get with form and movements.  The work outs are different every day so it never gets boring!
What have you learned from CrossFit/or what would you say to others looking to try CrossFit out but are scared?   I think is important here to note that I am old enough to be the mother of most of the athletes in the gym.  My age has presented certain challenges.  But, they started me where I needed to be.  I have learned new movements and gotten stronger everyday and I continue to achieve new personal goals.   I have had so many people say that they needed to “work up” to CrossFit.  Not true!
What is your Favorite CrossFit WOD and Favorite movement/lift? I don’t think I really have one in particular, but after this morning’s WOD, I would say it is definitely NOT rowing!