Team WOD- In teams of two

4 Rounds for time and reps of the following:

One person will do 75 double unders (or 150 singles) and the other will do max reps of the designated exercise until their partner completes the double unders-once complete, switch roles. After both people have completed the double unders and the excercise, you move to the next movement. In total there are 4 rounds and you will keep a running tally of the reps completed for your team. Each person will do a total of 300 double unders and do max reps of all 4 exercises.

Final score is total reps completed divided by time (in seconds) x1000 (DON’T WORRY, we’ll use a calculator!)

4 Rounds For Time:
Round 1: 75 Double Unders/ Hang Cleans (95/65)
Round 2: 75 Double Unders/ Push Press (95/65)
Round 3: 75 Double Unders/ Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)
Round 4: 75 Double Unders/ Front Squat (95/65)