“The Couplet” 9/26/16

“The Couplet”

9-6-12-3-18 :

ANY Squat and Shoulder to Overhead (barbell from the floor at the call of go)

Transitional reps can be Thruster FROM THE FRONT RACK only.

The ANY squat means you can position the barbell in a back squat position for any of the squat reps, but it must be returned to the front, touch the shoulders/clavicle for the shoulder to overhead to initiate.

More Simple than you think. It is a basic couplet where you will do 9 squats, 9 Shoulder to Overhead, 6 squats, 6 shoulder to overhead, 12 squats, 12 shoulder to overhead, 3 squats, 3 shoulder to overhead, then 18 squats and 18 shoulder to overhead.

The kicker, is that you choose where the barbell is for the squats. The Beauty of this, is that it is a WHOLE lot easier to do back squats than front squats, so as you fatigue, you can keep yourself in the WOD by putting the barbell in the back squat position, and pushing forward. But, how long can you take it? Will you be able to stay in it through the 12 reps, or will you have to put the bar down? The 3 are easy at this point, but what about the 18?

That is the beauty of the design, it is brutal to keep the barbell on your back or in the front rack the whole time. But some can do it.

18-39 : 135/95
40-49 : 115/75
50-59 : 95/65
60+ : 75/45