There will be no evening classes 3pm-7pm this Friday 9/25 and NO Sat WOD 9/26 due to the competition this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Team WOD:                                              
For Time
25 DeadLifts each (partner static holds while other partner works) 185/135
50 Cal Row each (partner holds plank while other rows)
100 Double unders each (partner holds from pullup bar)
150 Squats each (partner holds bottom of squat)

Individual WOD:                                    
For Time
50 DeadLifts  185/135
100 Cal Row
200 Double unders
300 Squats

In the Spirit of our $50 September Special, this week is going to be all team WOD’s (individual WOD’s available). You can Bring a Friend for the first time or someone from your Muddy family. This is also a chance for all the teams competing in the Big River Rumble to get some time to work together.
So grab your partner or grab a friend and come have so FUN this week!

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